About EXIT-Germany

EXIT-Germany is an initiative founded by criminologist and former police detective Bernd Wagner and the former neo-Nazi leader Ingo Hasselbach. Supported by the Amadeu-Antonio foundation and the Freudenberg foundation EXIT-Germany has been working since summer 2000 to provide assistance to self-help for dropouts from right-wing environments. The program is also supported by the „Mut gegen rechte Gewalt“ („courage against right-wing violence“) initiative of the German magazine „Stern“. EXIT-Germany is financed through donations, the Amadeu-Antonio foundation and currently through the EXIT-Germany project „Changing Sides — Exit as Entrance into a new life“ which in turn is financed by the federal program „XENOS Ausstieg zum Einstieg“ („XENOS Exit to Entrance“).

EXIT-Germany helps dropouts to develop new perspectives outside the right-wing environment. EXIT arranges contacts and gives practical aid. EXIT answers questions regarding personal safety, social problems and individual reappraisal. EXIT will also clarify what may not be possible. EXIT will not give financial or social aid to former radicals and will also not offer protection from judicial persecution.

EXIT-Germany analyses right-wing extremist tendencies and informs about them. EXIT explains opportunities of democratic action and advises projects and institutions. EXIT-Germany helps individuals who are affected by right-wing extremism, as well as families and people who want to spread and improve democratic values and human rights. EXIT-Germany always looks for assistants and godparents in Germany and elsewhere.