Grußwort zu #EXIT20 von Robert Örell

Celebrating Exit Deutschland – 20 years of practice

Walking from a life filled with violence, hatred, stigmatization, and broken relations is at the same time a chance of building something new. New possibilities, new choices, new relations. 
The inspiring work of Exit Deutschland, who for 20 years helped individuals to walk away from their previous involvement in violent right-with extremism is a work of perseverance, working for a fresh start, and a belief in that people can change and start over in something new.
As part of the German effort to change society for the better, to give a new chance to those who dare try, and to strengthen democracy, Exit Deutschland is constantly working on its extensive mission. With innovation, creativity, and credibility, the work has managed to reach and profile the organization in the International arena. By participating in these contexts and disseminating good practice, they also inspire others that this work is important.
Hundreds have received support through the organizations so far, hundreds will receive support in the future.
Warm congratulations to the first 20 years! 

Robert Örell

Co-chair EU RAN Exit

Director Exit USA
former director Exit Sweden